7′ of sweetness – SWEET PEAS


 IMG_1906I believe I saw this article in my Horticulture magazine – and went for it – worked well until the Sweet Peas became moldy – needed to control the overspray! Oh well, there is always next year.

I bet some of you have built some fantastic garden trellises you could show me?

Send in your stuff guys!

Here’s how it turned out!IMG_2800

Pretty cool – huh?  It was just easy, and eventually, the plants covered

all the netting up.

51bhd8rxgGLI love this “Black Knight” color for contrast in bouquets if going from a single color: Black Knight Sweet Peas

It’s pretty evident a flower is extraordinary when multiple products, perfumes, lotions, soaps all are scented and named after this flower.

 Here’s a book describing not only the unique history of this flower but how to grow them and cultivate them for years

 The Sweet Pea Book by Graham Rice

These pictured are the tall variety that grows up 7-8′ high, but there is also the knee high type which is

lovely in a border and quite easy to manage – with no staking involved.51GzIcLzZjL._SY346_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_

 Look at these sweet peas – totally fun to have the fragrance throughout the house and for fresh bouquets to give away.

I used tiny bouquets in little-colored plastic glasses on the cocktail tables – at John’s 70th party – looked great – until the wind came up and

started to blow the feathery blooms out of the tiny colored glasses I had them in – a little bummed – but oh well!

Here are two articles one from the FarmersAlmanac.com on growing Sweet Peas if you’ve never tried and another from EnchantingSweetPeas.com

IMG_0228I’ve got to agree with ReneesGarden.com when she says, and I quote:

 “I adore annual sweet peas, and I think that their exquisite perfume,  ruffled, winged blossoms and treasury of glowing colors make them the most irresistible and great garden flowers.

 Wonderful for cutting, a small bouquet of these fluted beauties will perfume a room with a delicious scent that reminds me of orange blossoms and honey.

  The soft, seductive  fragrance of sweet peas is nature’s secret; never overpowering or cloying and never replicated in any artificial perfume.”

Hope you try them soon – or maybe you grow them every year – won’t you send us some pictures?

         I even grew them in Arizona – just planted them as soon as the weather started to calm down in the middle of                                                                                                                                          September for a blush of color at Christmas!

                                                                   Happy Planting