IMG_9326My life has taken many turns like all of us.  At this point, I have the time and freedom to travel and this blog such a perfect fit – I can write, photograph and create visual excitement – the best part is it forces me to learn and reach out for more knowledge about each location. My friends and co-workers say I’m a passionate and creative person and have a knack for seeing the beauty around me. My goal is to inspire the creative spirit in all of us as we journey.

The majority of my life has been like a Mom and working also, in yearbook publishing, the higher education arena, school photography and the design fields (I had my antiques/accessories store) – so all that experience brought me here.

As far as what I’m like or who I am – I’m probably like most of you – I’m frustrated with the endless web of remote travel sites – it’s a  maze – and so tiresome sifting through it all.   Most of the info come at us one-way – wouldn’t a two-way street with information flowing back & forth before we go and as we return be better?

So let’s help others get a glimpse inside before check-in.  You know – a visual experience – a thorough review.

“Don’t you enjoy hearing about a quiet resort from a friend?” – I think it’s better than reading about it on a commercial site. We can create a travel portfolio together by sharing.  it’s so easy! Hit search – write in a location and check out what we’ve uncovered. All of us can only choose where we go and use this blog as another resource.

Trust me, we all love our GPS and probably, my friends and my husband would say, I am a directionally challenged person. But when you think of this blog, it will not be driven by a GPS internal drive – it is meant to be a slow, thoughtful take, by us, of places we’ve gone, experienced, things we’ve loved seeing and been wowed by.

It will never include everywhere to work and certainly not everything there is to do. We want you to post your memories, so we all get to see these special places and memories. Let’s make this blog more of a personal – traveler’s commentary of our first-hand memories. I believe the treasures of a trip are found in the details – the stranger who told the story – the chef who amazed us – the innkeeper who remembered to do something out of the ordinary – you’ll know when it’s a memory, we will all want to know!

All you need to do is identify the place – why you liked it – why  it was of value to you  and then if you have them, email in your favorite pictures to

Your way – no rules here – just your thoughts – memories – the joyful accounting of places and sights.

Let’s only create our own Rolodex of our “over the top” places! People have been journaling about their travel expeditions for centuries.

Whether we’re 59 – not that I am – ha ha – of course, I am, or 45 or 75, I think it’s safe to say, we all enjoy hearing about different things, but I do believe some of our interests are going to end up quite similar.

I am hoping this blog equates to the experience we have when we rehash our vacations to friends and laugh, show pictures and feel such joy over the small things that happened or unexpected discoveries.

So that’s what I’m going to do for now, and I am hoping you will start commenting about what you find interesting and sharing those discoveries as well!

Together, let’s make this our “go to place” for getaway destinations. We all know once you’ve “booked it baby” – then it’s a done deal.

 Happy trails – where are you headed this weekend?


P.S.:  Check out our “plates” posts in every location for our experiences with food on the road – you know the restaurants where we agree with the reviews – haha!


                                                                                                                                      Here’s the recipe here: Ina Garten’s – Beatty’s Chocolate Cake