Funny thing about CHANGE

It’s imperative we laugh at the changes in life.  Wouldn’t you agree?

With life’s disappointments, laughter gives us a much-needed reprieve.

So how do we know when we’ve changed?  Either we’re simply older, or things are different.

You know   things have   changed in   your life…

when – it feels fantastic to unhook that BRA Mother and Daughter

when – men CHECK-OUT your daughters



when – LATE is 11 or 12


when – the CONVERSATION centers on medical issues


when – your kids ask YOU questions AGAIN

whenSOMA  fits better than VICTORIA SECRETS


when – you have an Orthopedic Surgeon-ON-CALL


                           when – no one CARDS you EVER


when – you’re the LAST person chosen in Charades


when – nobody BLINKS as you buy a Senior MOVIE Ticket

Senior Sign


Coffee couple


when – MORNING is the longest & best part of your DAY

when – what other people think of you isn’t all that RELEVANT any longer

 Hillary Rodham Clinton Signs Copies Of Her Book 'Hard Choices' In New York Bernie Sanders Donald Trump

when – these are the top CANDIDATES


when – you FEAR listening to the NEWS

when – you don’t watch TV live – except for the news

  Knife and fork

when – SECRET RECIPES no longer exist


when – THONGS aren’t FLIP-FLOPS any longer


when – LATTE’S are at the MOVIES



when – you now KNOW the guest list AHEAD

when – UGLY Christmas Sweaters are BIG business

when – you can search the LIBRARY without ENTERING

when – your grandchildren are on INSTAGRAM, and you’re STILL figuring it out



when – you turn the HEAT up BEFORE you come home

when – Columbia is SAFE to EXPLORE



when – people KNOW where FARGO, No. Dakota is

when – there’s almost NO JUNK MAIL delivered




when – LUGGAGE has 4 WHEELS

when – 60 is the NEW 40

when – just the MAIL comes ADDRESSED to – Mr & Mrs



when – you go to the MALL only for a MOVIE

when – ZOMBIES, bachelors, narcs and terrorists DOMINATE the airways


when – GEL doesn’t go in your HAIR, it goes on your NAILS


when – we can now TRAVEL to CUBA

when – LOVERS can’t KISS goodbye at their airplane GATE

Standing at desk

when – people now STAND at their DESKS

when – SUBTITLES aren’t a DRAG


when – FORGETTING your keys is the LEAST of your worries

when – passwords ACCESS all your DOCUMENTS




when – SEXY is 60


when – you DON’T DARE ask what they CAN’T eat

Couple drinking

when – DATING is but a CLICK away

when – your HEELS hurt


when – you now ONLY eat FRESH vegetables


 when – ENERGY is in a CAN


when – they make ADULT COLORING books

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when – you go to more MEMORIALS than WEDDINGS

when – you feel GUILTY mailing greeting CARDS


when – you haven’t bought a COOKBOOK in AGES

when getting a MASSAGE is as good as SEX