How can I get the MICROSCOPIC details with my iPhone CAMERA?

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My husband did a sweet thing for me the other day he booked me into an hour class at our local Apple store.  So I arrived at 10 am and took the class, and I’ll have to confess, I walked out spending $79. for a new Olloclip 4-IN-1 Len’s for my phone.   Yes – being there did tempt me to spend more money with Apple. But, my knowledge and skills were improved. The class motivated me to become a better photographer!

The instructor showed us many things and the focus was on how to be creative with your phone.

We discussed how to do slow motion and time lapse photography for family group photos.  So you can be in your next spur-of-the-moment group photo!   But, back to why I couldn’t leave without my new Olloclip lenses. The main reason I bought this product was for the built-in Macro 10x and 15x lens.  I’m still learning how to use it.  The trick is getting your subject in the center of your frame, so as not to distort. If you happen to move the accompanying branches or leaves, your subject begins to move as well.

The 10X magnification seems simpler to use, as a beginner with this process.

Some of these photos aren’t quite as crisp as I would have liked, but this is FUN!

Wouldn’t these look beautiful as watercolor art?   Nature is the largest paint supply store. The colors all around us are simply magic!

The trick with this new macro lens clip is to steady the camera and get within an inch or less of your subject.   It’s a challenge to keep your hand steady!  A simple tripod will work if you’ve got one for your iPod.  I go over this in – “it’s all in the details.”

If you’re not familiar with this item, check this out on the right:  OlloClip by Apple




It not only comes with the Macro 10x and 15x magnification built in – which, was my motivation to buy.  But, it also comes with two other optional lenses.  It has a Fish-Eye lens – which I doubt I’ll use, maybe for a how-to video.  This Fish-Eye lens gives you 180-degree vision.   Included in the 4-in-1 lens package is also a Wide-Angle lens, which allows for a broader look.  This lens gives you exactly – DOUBLE – the field of view!  All for $79.99.



But there are plenty of other products on the market for any phone.  Look at these two sites:

  1. The Wire Cutter: Reviews of Best Lenses for iPhone
  2. Moment Lens-Shop

For example here’s a fantastic resource – allows you to look into anything on your phone!  They have a plethora of information from apps to help take better pictures. Help with uploading photos contributes to creative videos and also assistance with loading them.

APPLECRAWLR has helpful apps for FAMILY photography on your iPhone. Also, they have helped with TIME-Lapse photography.  It feels like a “Self-Help-Heaven” for iPhone users!   Thank you  25 Top Apps for Video Stabilization.  Can’t wait to check some of these out.  Interesting read here from Engadget describing Apple’s long-term commitment to continual improvement: Cinematic-Video-Stabilization-on-the-iphone-6-is-Incredible

Wow – this is cool stuff!   I know what I’m going to hint for, next Valentine’s Day and Mothers Day! (haha!)

Check this out from TechCrunch on Apple’s Video Stabilization:  The iPhone 6 versus point and shoot

If you’re serious about buying a video phone stabilizer, don’t miss this:  Stabilizers for iPhone and video by GOOGLE RESEARCH


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All in all, I’m pleased with my first attempts at this sort of in-depth photography.  I intend to keep working at it.  There’s a broad range of thriving flowers, plants, topography and people yet to inspect. Up close and personal – this is interesting!   The deep end of the neighborhood pool was always better than the shallow end.  You could get lost in deep blue waters there – oh, and the diving in surreal!


Speaking of Apple classes – they’re FREE – except, if you get tempted to buy some new gadget.



If you’ve thought about taking any of the various classes at Apple but haven’t done it – sign up here:

Best Place to Learn about APPLE Workshops




Here’s a list of the relevant workshops waiting for you to enjoy:

  • Apple Watch Basics
  • Discover Apple Music
  • Discover Apps for Apple Watch
  • Mac Basics
  • iPhone Basics
  • iPad Basics
  • Intro to Apple ID and iCloud
  • Stay Connected
  • iPhone Photography
  • iPhone Videography
  • Perfect your Photos on Mac
  • Edit your Movies on Mac with iMovie
  • Share your Ideas with KeyNote for Mac

See – there’s much to delve into to increase your video and photography skills!

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I’m excited to go back and work on organizing my photos and also to improve videos.  Check out these FREE classes, they’re an hour in length and well worth the admittance fee and 1 hour of your time.  My class had three people attending, and it felt like a personalized experience!

So get yourself into your local Apple store or better yet online and sign up  – TODAY!

And I almost forgot – if you haven’t gone to CNET.COM  – you’re missing out!

Here’s an informative article from CNet –  “What you can watch on Apple tV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast and Android TV.” They have phone, TV, software and apps reviews, related photography and technology. You can download software there as well. It’s current, relevant, fun and full of commentary on what’s new.


IMG_4244 So back to why – it’s all in the details.

Happiness can be elusive, hard to hold on to and difficult to see?   But, if we dig deep and try harder – often we find it.

Sometimes, people we bump into while racing through life, seem of little consequence.  But, if we look close it’s different.

We might find their life is interesting and that they’re worth knowing.

We all deserve a closer look, versus ignored – by anyone.

Nature, every person, and everything – is fascinating up close.

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