Love, money and VALENTINE’S day

Heart on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

That’s right guys. There are only a few weeks, eventually days – till showtime!

In this synopsis from, EVERYTHING you could, should or would EVER want to know, about Valentine’s Day is discussed.  Seriously, though, this site is cool with ten videos and eight articles plus a photography post on this treasured tradition.  It presents a broad range of subjects from love letters to presidents, conveyor belts of candy to how many cards printed each and every Valentine’s Day.

Cupid commands you to check this out –  Valentine’s Day – Facts


Check out all the various videos waiting for you to see there:

  • The HISTORY of Valentine’s Day
  • 6 SURPRISING FACTS about St Valentine
  • Celebrating with a box of CHOCOLATES
  • Valentine’s Day QUOTATIONS
  • Valentine’s Day FACTS
  • 7 Heartwarming GESTURES
  • Presidential LOVE LETTERS from Adams to Nixon
  • Valentine’s Day by the NUMBERS
  • Valentine’s Day PHOTO GALLERY


Or…are you bored with the whole premise of this “Hallmark” holiday?


VD Farts


VD Nerdy Cards


Then check out these funny cards:

Funny Valentine’s Day Cards for Couples




Or better yet – here’s a live feed of news about VD (Valentine’s Day silly, not – Venereal Disease)   NEWS Valentine’s Day

Or…how about NERDY cards?  FUNNY!   NERDY Valentine’s Day cards 

VD Awkward CardsOr…look here on Pinterest  –  Be MY VALENTINE  

Or…check out the AWKWARD VD cards – My personal FAV is to the right!   Awkward Valentine’s Day Cards from Huffington Post

Now – are you in a better frame of mind about this holiday?  It sure made me laugh to see these.  I had no idea there was such a diverse selection of non-mushy-fun and goofy cards!

money and roses VD

So now we get to the issue of finding the right gift that will say to him or her – I LOVE YOU.

Something that will show them “THE LOVE.”

This site is bursting with ideas and will help you make a choice for your sweetie.

Look at these  PERFECT Valentine’s Gifts by Mary Peffer from Today Style.

Personally, I like that Giraffe Chenille Robe from,  in pink and oh jeez, I almost always enjoy whatever  presents!

This article is unique, in that it suggests gifts, based on your relationship status:

  • 0-3 months/Share a favorite book
  • 3-6 months/Get creative on the classics
  • 6-12 months/Tear up the town
  • 1-2 years/Cozy up
  • 2+ years/Get active

What about after that?

Doesn’t it become ever so important, as we languish (haha!) into 10-15-20-30-40 years together, (if we’re lucky) that we show them everything – warts and all?

Cathy Green with her – “Fabulous over Sixty” writes in –  I’m a Sucker for Valentine’s Day  –  quotes a statistic from the National Retail Federation: “$815 million on Valentine’s Day goodies for pets.”

OMG, this was two years ago – can you imagine how much money spent in 2016 on animals?

glass bubble VD

Visual Economics from January 2016 – gets into the money aspect of this major retail holiday – big time here with  How much will you spend on Valentine’s Day?

Aren’t their graphs amazing?

They say that 25-34-year-olds spend the most money – with men spending about two times what women do.  Apparently back in 2001, we spent around $82 total per couple, now it’s well over $126, and this was back a few years ago, in 2013.  I guess we’ve passed the $142. mark by now, as an average spent.

Ok, look here – according to Forbes RETAIL our total spending this Valentine’s Day is expected to reach $18.9 billion, a survey high, according to the National  Retail Federation’s  Valentine’s Day Consumer Spending Survey, conducted by  Prosper Insights and Analytics.   Wow – this is just incredible!

Surprising, the money involved in making our people – feel the love!   

Does it work?

What do you think?

It’s also fascinating the way  CNN-Valentine’s Day Statistics breaks it down into distinct categories with – 64% of men buying flowers to the 36% of women get flowers for their man.  I’ve never bought my guy flowers. But we shan’t stop there.   They also cite that 85% of men and women state that SEX is important on Valentine’s Day too.   No surprise there!

Six million people consider a marriage proposal on VD and over 1400 unique VD cards printed by Hallmark. Not included are all of the other card retailers – as reported by CNN (February of 2014.)

Another interesting stat in CNN’s report and there are simply too many to list here is:  4.4 billion dollars is spent on diamonds, gold, and silver – a BIG-BIG-BIG day for Jewelers – Holy Moly!

Now for you apathetic CUPID – “cool cats” – out there, you know who you are, try to escape VD every year – here’s a bit of info you’ll want to extract and repeat:

According to LOVE & MONEY:  6 entirely Unromantic Truths About Valentine’s Day Spending

The six truths they go into detail on about Valentine’s Day spending see below- but trust me, you should read this one as there’s way MORE to the story than this:

  1. One-quarter of the men spends because they feel obligated or are just trying to get lucky.
  2. The longer the relationship, and the older you get, the less you spend.
  3. Americans will spend more than $700 million on Valentine’s gifts for pets.
  4. 1 in 5 women buys Valentine’s gifts for themselves.
  5. Rose prices spike just in time for Valentine’s Day.
  6. The two people most responsible for modern-day Valentine’s Day were entrepreneurs trying to make a buck. One being Richard Cadbury – you recognize his name, right?

But none of these truths are surprising are they?  Not to me.

Let’s take a second look at each of these six truths:

  1. Men feel obligated to buy or might be using a “love holiday” to try to elicit some sex.  Of course, they would.
  2. And, the longer you co-mingle, the less you feel the need to buy something to reassure your partner.  Maybe this shouldn’t be true, but it’s logical.
  3. What about #3-$700 million on our pets – “a dog is your best friend!”
  4. Women buy their gifts – well duh?   That shouldn’t surprise you.
  5. The price of roses spikes that week – well, if I were a florist, I’d raise my prices.  You have to strike while the iron’s hot – “a bird in hand,” right?
  6. The fact that VD was spurred on by two entrepreneurs isn’t surprising – it’s a multi-billion dollar industry.

Well, it’s my sincere hope that I’ve made you grin, even laugh today.  That I’ve somehow helped get you in the mood for this – love holiday.  Let’s never forget that it’s – not the gift that counts, but the thought.

 Come on all you CUPIDS out there – get on it.



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