Oh, to be that precocious age of 10 again

10 yr old with mom-age-appropriate-chores

I’m sitting on an airplane this morning waiting for it to start down the runway.  The flight’s half-full and no one’s beside me, plenty of peace and quiet and lots of elbow room.  Yay!  There’s no reason not to write; there’s no diversions and plenty of time. Being able to go to sleep on a flight is a bit of a struggle for me.   Naps, happen, um – once a year.  The bonus is, time flies by when you’re having fun and writing’s fun now.

Thinking back to when ten was my number and we had to write in cursive.  They don’t bother with that anymore do they? Anyway, sometimes looking back my life was perfect at ten, was yours?  My parents were still together; we lived in a nice neighborhood, and my sports activities were everything to me.  With three brothers, it was my job to compete. I’m curious, do you experience words flowing out of you aboard a 747?  Let us know please so I know, I’m not alone in this, plane fetish.

Ok, let’s get back to this 10 part series.

If you missed part 1 of this nostalgic look back, start here first:  When was that triumphant – best – “Time of Your Life?”

In the last post, we discussed going back in time.  Don’t we all fantasize at times about when we were a youngster?  You know, mourn those simpler times.   In part 1 we talked about life as a 5-year-old weighing the pros and cons.

But now, it’s time to move on.

What about this idea?  Would you want to be ten years old, again?  Come on, wouldn’t it be cool for just a day or two?

Let’s look a bit closer at that magical age of 10.   Wasn’t life one big joy ride back then?   After all, what did we have to worry about then?  Life was kind of taken care of for us.    Can you even remember back?   Myself, at 61(old huh?) that was some 51 years ago!   Whew, I have trouble remembering where my keys are, much less what life was like 51 years ago.  Don’t smirk; you’ll get there soon enough.  If 61 sounds young, then great, we’re on the same page!

Let me put this out there; there’s no way I can adequately talk to the unique moments of everyone’s life at ten.  Duh!  As you know, we’re all “one-of-a-kind.”   Thank you, God.

Children 7

But, as was mentioned in my last post, maybe we’re not quite as different as we think.

 Ok, some of you are likely saying, “no, my life was nothing like yours!”  Na-nana-naa-naa.   Well ok, that’s to be expected.  But, generally speaking, we might be more predictable than you’d think.

Let’s look at being 10 with a wide-angle lens, and get to the ten pros and cons of life at this ripe old age.  At ten, we were smack-dab in-between a teen and a tot.

People refer to kids in that period, now as “Tweens.”  Well, we were almost 11. Apparently not yet a lanky teenager and no longer, a little boy or girl but ten, nevertheless, and that’s getting up there.

Basically at ten, Mom and Dad aren’t coddling us as much, their expectations have risen.

We’re not babies you know – “no siree!”  We’re way older than the third graders.  Look at us; aren’t we super cool?

Ten year olds Google

Either way, we’re the oldest kids at grammar school.  We can boss the little kids around the playground now if we want.

We still feel invisible at times around older siblings, but hey, we’re in the double digits.  Yes, our lives are slightly harder.

We’re not teenagers yet, and we can’t act all innocent and use the – “I didn’t know that” routine, to get by with things. Just because we start to cry doesn’t mean we’re home free.  We’re more aware of right and wrong, and Mom and Dad know that too.

On the bright side, our circle of life, friends, and activities, is expanding.   Bedtimes, routines, friendships, have doubled. School still starts at an insane, early hour.  Mornings are not our favorite time of the day.  “We’re growing like a rabbit,” Mom says.

But, not all of it’s the pits.

We worry about stuff like:

1) Bully’s, mean kids, they hold the keys to our hearts.
2) Schools much harder; we have to do real math, reading and writing and stuff like science.  Homework is more difficult.
3) We have some fickle friends at this age.  One moment they like us and not the next. (the old-“I’m not your friend anymore”)
4) Some of us are still too short for those exciting roller coaster rides, not fair.
5) And it seems like our older siblings ignore us, still treat us like their kid baby brother or sister.
6) We have chores like; setting the table, feeding the dog, making our beds.   Good grief!  What?  No way.  We want to play all day; come on Mom, it’s – Saturday!
7) We’re expected to babysit our younger siblings.  Hello, like we don’t have other things to do?
8) We’re cranky and tired in the morning, and to top it off – our bedtimes are still ridiculously early.
9) We wish we didn’t have to wait so long to grow up.  Can’t we do what our older siblings do?  It’s stupid to have to hold on; we’re ready.
10) We wish we had money.  But, we’re still “too young” to make the real cashola.

But, hold on here, I know there has to be plenty of stuff we forget about the good life of a ten-year-old.

Let’s cool it a minute, and look again:

1) Hey, don’t forget, our bedtimes have gotten a bit later.
2) We get to have and go to slumber parties and stay up to the wee hours of the morning.
3) Our clothes are “cooler” now, thank you very much.
4) We certainly get to go more places with our buddies.  Such as meet at the movies or walk the mall with our best buds.
5) We have to admit; we’re taken a little more seriously at 10.  We’re in double digits; it’s about time.
6) Teen years are super close.  Soon we’ll be able to do, everything, drive a car, go on a date, all sorts of stuff.
7) Now we can be the boss of our younger siblings; that’s power.
8) We have way less parental oversite.  Shoot, they don’t even know we sometimes throw our packed lunches away.
9) Now we get to wear small earrings sometimes for special occasions, maybe, or play sports.  Many of us belong to Campfire girls or better yet, Girl Scouts. (prejudice here – my green sash is still in my drawer with tons of badges)  Some of us might even earn an Eagle Scout badge.  Maybe not, but we’re Boy Scouts, and it’s fun going camping!
10) Our allowances are getting bigger.  Grandma and Grandpa know our worth and sometimes supplement, thankfully.

So there you go.  Being ten is good and some bad.  It’s fun, and sometimes a drag.  Unfortunately, little do we know that stats say,  soon the most stressful period in our young life is approaching, Middle School.

Children 5

But we can’t WAIT!

Then again we do worry about new places, especially new school situations.

Will everyone think I’m dumb or too chubby, or do I look too skinny?

Am I the only one who’s still afraid of the dark?

When will I get these ugly braces off?

How will I know what to say in middle school and besides, who knows if there’ll be anybody I like there?

Children 16

Will I fit in or is my older brother right?  (I’m just a pain in the ass and a little goofy)

Besides, my body is still, ugh – just kind of “there.”   And, there’s plenty of kids smarter and funnier than me everywhere I look.

Will I get invited to the popular kids parties?

What if I don’t?

What if I get lost on the first day of Middle School?

So you see, life is never without the yin and the yang.  But if it were always one delicious ice cream sundae, we’d never lust for those sweet times, you know, the times Mom and Dad make our birthdays crazy cool!   Or, how about when our best friend feels sorry for us and gives us his or her sandwich.   That one that is mucho better than the one Mom packed today.

Life is simply a roller coaster at any age, and ten is no different.   For more info on life at 10, look here:  Would you like to be ten years old again?  

Let’s tip our hats to our FAV 10-year-olds and take the time, to see them as such.

Here’s to 10, to life, to happiness.  

Life’s never as bad as you think and never as good as you want it to be.  

It’s in the middle, like nearly being a TWEEN and that’s way-ok!