Private chef’s in Mexico – are they affordable?



Should we go out to a restaurant or hire a chef to come in and cook in our room?  That was the question for us.  Travel can be quite exhausting.  At home we don’t go out every night do we?  It gets old.

This last year we tried twice to bring a chef in while visiting both in Puerto Vallarta and recently in Cabo.

Wow – what an experience!


Chefs in CABO

It was interesting to see the cost difference from one locale to the other.  We found Puerta Vallarta to be less expensive than Cabo for dining out as well.  In Puerta Vallarta, the preparation cost was $40 for six people.  It was a mere $64. For the groceries for six people.  We tipped Elaina, our darling cook, $100, for her hard work.

Our total cost per person in Puerta Vallarta was $42/person.  

Whereas, in CABO, the preparation was $160 for six, with an assistant.  Groceries and tax were $120.  Plus, again we gave the two cooks a total of $100 for their tip.


It was a $63./person for six people in CABO versus $42/person for six in PUERTA VALLARTA


The meals were exquisite, to say the least.

On both occasions, we had 5-6 choices for appetizers, main entree, and dessert.  Options ranged from steak, authentic Mexican selections, chicken dishes and to various fish entrees.

In PV, the dinner menu included; salad, steak, potatoes, grilled vegetables, and homemade flan. We were in the mood for a familiar fare. In Cabo, we chose the salad, grilled fish, rice, vegetables, and a banana dessert.  All tasted out of this world!  On both nights the appetizers were outstanding.  The cooks prepared delicious, homemade Guacamole in PV, with chips and salsa.  In CABO, we had large shrimp with a unique cocktail sauce.  The chips served on both occasions were just the best!

If this sounds all too good to be true.  Then, you’ll have to try it.

On each occasion, we were in awe of the manner in which they delivered the food.  They set elegant table settings with fancy napkin arrangements.  We felt like royalty!  In Cabo, we had one woman cooking for six people, and she made it look effortless. Elaina, whipped up three homemade dressings for our salads, all with diverse, unusual flavors. The evening was something like we’ve never experienced while traveling. All six of us, on both occasions, felt like this experience was an over-the-top evening.  We had two couples join us in each location and to say we were all overwhelmed– is an understatement.



Having someone come in and cook, allowed us all to keep relaxing. We didn’t have to rush out to a restaurant and grab a cab.  It was a total luxury staying home yet, not having to get the groceries and do the cooking.

The juicy flavors, ambiance, and convenience were beyond compare!


The food in PV was excellent, and presentation nothing short of perfect.

In Cabo, there were two cooks, and it felt as though we were in a 5-star restaurant!


Our sea bass was some of the best fish the six of us had EVER had the luxury of tasting.

The desserts were magic compared to most desserts found in high-end restaurants anywhere.

We ended up on both occasions, using the chef that Ocho and Club Cascadas had on call.  

Last, but not least – the leftovers were outstanding the next night for tacos!  Oh – remember you don’t pay corkage fees either!

Between the extra ice cream in the freezer and our memories – this was nothing short of lovely!

If you’d like to try this, after reading about our experience.

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Hoping you’ll give this option of an in-home Chef a try – doubt you’ll regret it!

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