Top 20 reasons twenty-somethings “have it made in the shade!”

We’ve already turned around and thought about being five years of age, and also 10, in this 9 part series of looking back.

So it’s time to graduate.   Let’s take a serious sneak peek back at our lives at 20.

Do you remember being 20?


The biggest concern, at that point, was just getting our lazy asses to college classes?  And, the focus was surviving finals or more importantly, who’s party to crash next.

Money wasn’t exactly flowing in.  In fact, avoiding our roommate with the utility bills was an art form.  Driving our car until it ran out of gas, was sometimes unavoidable.


So why, when we think about that time in our youth, do we believe it was super glamorous and carefree?


Well, here’s why.

20 truths that made being twenty totally rock:


1) Hard “Bods”

Our muscles and bikinis looked sculpted, almost painted on.   We got “checked out” often, back then.

2) Memories

Wow, were we quick with numbers, names & facts?  Play charades with a Millennial lately?

3) Energy

Can’t you remember nights that started at 11 pm and ended at 3 or 4 am?  Then, somehow dragging our butts into class? A hangover was just, you know, time to crash until it was time to rally again, usually that evening.




4) Accountability

Our ability to stall the inevitable was at an absolute high.  After all, we had so many other things to focus on besides actual “life shit,” like homework.



5) Friends

Friends were, easy come, easy go back then, right?  But boy they sure came out of the woodworks for a kegger!

6) Anxieties

They were real, our fears.  Life was up in the air, I mean who knew when we’d figure all this crap out.  We “stole the hall pass on reality” sometime around 16.

7) Sleep

Boy, could we sleep?  No insomnia then. We caught some Zzzz’s whenever time allowed day or night.

8) Sex and stamina

Need I say more?  We were the free “Love Generation” and after all, we had the pill.

9) Music

Marathon music nights, in somewhat of an altered haze, while our FAV cool videos played.

10) Perceptions

We knew what was righteous and uncool.  We were the hippest people ever on the planet.


Twenty yr olds


11) Hair

First of all, we had tons of it. Braids, I’ll show you braids. No baldies in our crowd. Oh, and don’t forget our “Tom Selleck” mustaches.  They were a sign of real virility.



12) Shoes

Yes shoes, we could wear Birkenstocks, flip flops, crocs or no shoes all the time.

13) Medicine 

The only “med’s” we were taking weren’t legal in all 50 states.  Bongs ruled.

14) Bellies

We were tight, and our belly buttons were front and center.

15) Joints

Of course, we had them.  Oh, did you mean actual joints?  Yeah, they worked, why would you ask?

16) Ears

What?  What did you say?  We heard just fine, just selectively.

17. Skin

We had the best then, right?  No getting chunks burned off or Botox needed.  Unless you mean the side of our face where we might have passed out on the shag carpet after a bitter tasting brownie.

18) Pants

What were they?  Only jeans and cut-offs baby, all the way.

19) Food

Breakfast was the best meal ever, especially after an all-nighter.

20) Reputations

We could flirt like there was no tomorrow, dance till dawn, kiss for what seemed like hours, and laugh & cry at the same time.




So there you go.

Are these reasons to want to jump back in a time machine and scurry back about 40 years?



Would you want to?

Was it everything we crank it up to be?  Can you relate to some of this?

Some of it, I think, we just soon forget.

Our parents were tired of many of our half-hearted attempts at maturity.  They just didn’t “get us.”   Would they ever have a clue?

Now we’ve had our run with our Millennial kids.  Did we do better?  Probably not.

Were we supposed to?   Probably not.


Well hey, let’s toast to 20.  Hopefully we’ll have 20 plus years to enjoy it with our growing grandchildren.

Here’s to being grateful, gray, and growing old with peace and dignity.