Want to be a SUPER-SIZED sensation? Get a CRYSTAL ball

crystal ball3

This presidential ELECTION has me thinking.

Wouldn’t it be terrific to know, which way things will work out?

Do we want to know about elections before they end or for that matter – our whole future ahead of time?

crystal ball 7

Sure, it’s appealing for many reasons and yet, is it?

Have you ever wished to know the future?  Most of us have at one time or the other, I presume.

But before we consider the pros and cons – let’s take a look here: 13 CNN

Authors and Political Contributors to CNN FEARLESSLY state their PREDICTIONS for Eight EVENTS including the upcoming election – 2016 – CNN Crystal Ball

What does CRYSTAL BALL mean then and where did it originate?

crystal ball5

Here’s a word from our trusty-crystal ball 6

Cambridge Definition of CRYSTAL BALL – “a transparent glass  ball used by someone who says they can discover what will happen to you in the future by looking into it.”

back to – Why we Do want a CRYSTAL BALL:

1) Always win the LOTTERY

2) To PREVENT your – Health – Accident – Loss

3) Live totally INFORMED and make Life CHOICES accordingly

4) NO-Wasted-ENERGY NOR TIME on ordinary useless things /or events

5) Financial investment SUCCESSES – absolutely-over-the-top

6) Could pick SOULmate based on life SPAN, LOYALTY, and LOVE

7) Avoid FOH-PAHS and terrible BRAIN farts in our everyday lives

8) Life PERSPECTIVE – beyond any known to another human in scope and comprehension

9) Complete Confidence with that big wide-open window into unavailable world intelligence

10) Prestige and NOTORIETY – you would be revered – who wouldn’t want YOU around?

crystal ball1

but oops- Why we DON’T want one:

1) TOO much POWER to deal with

2) PARALYZING BURDEN – to know what’s ahead

3) Everyone would want you to ALTER things

4) NO PRIVACY – super-HUMAN – you’re REAL phenomena now

5) NO SURPRISES – the REST of your LIFE – moments that blow you away won’t exist – just GONE

6) SADNESS over horrific EVENTS yet-to-com

7) Sense of RESPONSIBILITY for keeping these things entirely SECRETfor YOUR SAFETY too

8) Everything would be – as BAD as you think and NEVER ever as good againNAIVETY stripped

9) LONELINESSno one could RELATE – so they’d never STOP – asking you questions

10) You’d never stop asking yourself – but- WHY ME?   It could be an endless cycle of defeat, worries, personal angst


The Crystal Ball gazers got it all wrong in 2015 – so don’t expect much better this year.  

Last year, no one predicted things well, so they’ll probably not do well, in regards to 2016.  Nothing’s more useful than a rear-view mirror – right?

Check this out – interesting:   The Crystal Ball gazers got it all wrong in 2015 – don’t expect better this year.

This is FUNNY!  From – What will the world look like in 2016? ‘Sofies’s crystal ball’

Expect more cat videos (that’s right – that’s what she said) according to Sofie at  More importantly, though, she speaks to “being an honest leader the people around you can trust for sure the right way to go in 2016.   She says, “

She says, “Living in denial is so 1990s” – have to agree with her whole-heartedly!

Those Tech’s around us might really enjoy looking forward right here for some 2016 TECH WORLD predictions. 

 Check it out:   Top Tech Predictions for 2016

There’s an expression – “What we don’t know won’t hurt us” – but then again, who knows?  When it comes to terrorism, that’s obscene.

My crystal ball is missing AGAIN today.   🙁     

How about yours?

Do you have one?