When was that triumphant – best – “TIME of Your Life?”

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Are you convinced life was 100% better for you when you were younger?

Maybe you believe your twenties were your best of times.

Isn’t it human nature to exaggerate the best memories, and forget the bad, or is life supposed to be more of a yin and yang?

Yin and Yang





When were we the happiest?

Let’s take a look at each pivotal decade in our lives.

Do you remember what made you laugh or cry?



Children 5

Things got a bit more complicated, as we hit those big birthdays with a zero after them. 

As our innocence faded, it’s been more challenging to  – “live in the moment.”  It’s sometimes, a relief to look back and think – times were simpler, back then.

Often, we struggle to deal with our health, divorce, bills, retirement and end-of-life issues.   It’s not surprising that our – “happy place”  – feels almost like a distant memory at times.  

We sometimes reminisce back to a more joyous time.

But, wait a minute, how do we know for sure, that, that time, was happier?  

Let’s see –   

What was life like, for you at five?

What about –

  1. Our happiness, does it ebb and flow, or become more intense, with age?
  2. Life – is it a roller coaster of emotions – happy sometimes and sadly – more than not?
  3. Our tendency to look back, to think – “Oh, my life was so much more comfortable when I was _____,”
  4. The fact, that every age has it’s negatives, even five, or does it?


If someone was to ask you – what stage of life you liked the most – what would you say?  

Was playing on the monkey bars at age 5, as fun as staying up all night partying at twenty, or better yet, starting a family at thirty?   

What makes one-decade better, than another?  And, more importantly, is it?   

Maybe by looking at each “age-stage,” we can once and for all, see if that presumption is accurate.



Children 6

It’s funny – children are so proud of their birthdays.   Little ones say things like;  “I’m four and a half.”  But later on in life – not so much.

Then, at 80-ish, we begin bragging about our age – again – “I’m 84 – still – “movin and shakin guys!”

As we hit the 50, 60, and 70 markers – don’t many of us think, “how did this happen?”   

We weren’t supposed to get older, were we?  

That wasn’t part of the plan. 


Children 2



What if it’s feasible that life isn’t any worse now, then at 10, 20 or 30.  

What do you think?  


Do you disagree?



So – do you –

  1. Regret getting older?
  2. Does your mortality scare you?
  3. Do you struggle to focus on happiness?
  4. Do you live in the past too much?


Let’s take a realistic look, first at 5-year-olds.

Children 4

Do you believe you were perpetually happy at that ripe old age of five? 

If you could time-travel and start over, which age would you choose?  

Obviously, we can’t time-travel.  But it would be cool if we could!

Happy family celebrating kids birthday. Parents and three children celebrate together. Child party with baloon decoration, cake with candles and present boxes. Celebration for baby boy, toddler girl and school kid.

What’s appealing about being five again?

We can quickly point to key factors that affect our happiness, such as; family dynamics, birth-order, and finances? 


So would you say our experiences and “typical behaviors,” are so different from one another?

Eye in the Sky

Didn’t most of us play with similar toys like – legos, cars, and dolls? 

Have you seen that excellent movie – revealing the harsh realities of drone warfare?

 – EYE in the SKY?  

If so, remember the little girl that gets killed.

That scene where she was playing with her hula hoop was touching.

Children 16

All of us, most likely, have had a  first kiss or worse, we’ve gotten stood up for a date.  

Maybe we share more commonalities than we realized.

Let’s look and see.

What was hard for you about being 5?

Was it possibly –

  1. Kindergarten – separation anxiety
  2. New – chores (feeding the dog, setting dinner table, making the bed)
  3. Trying new foodsveggies
  4. Being  tired (usually nap-time stops at this age)
  5. New rules to adhere to in school.
  6. Disappointments – older siblings – get to do more things.


What then were our – sources of pleasure?

  1. Sweets
  2. Playtime
  3. Books at bedtime
  4. School Chums
  5. Birthday parties
  6. Seeing grandparents
  7. Ice cream cones


So are the “happier people”  –  just luckier?






When we start comparing our lives and pinpointing – the good and bad – looking back isn’t as enticing.  


In this “Looking-back 9-part series,”  next time we’ll look at being 10.



But back to being 5.  

It had good and bad moments.

They may seem so minimal comparatively, but this stuff felt lousy at 5.

Here’s an interesting article on – Your 5-Year-Old: Behavior and Daily Routines.

We were still dreamy at 5.   

We had aspirations of being say, a doctor or movie star, an astronaut or dinosaur hunter.

But these dreams often got derailed, or we just outgrew them.  

As they so aptly speak to this in – Tiny Buddha’s Think Like a 5 Year Old

Children 2

So what else was great about being 5 and what not?

Check out this video from www.channel4.com The Secret Life of 4-5 and 6-year-olds  They started out with ten – four-year-olds, as they meet at the nursery.


But the point is at 5 – you also had; disappointments, fears, angst, and frustrations.

And maybe, at 5, you might not have seen it – as your best time ever!

Impatience is a struggle at any age.

Remember feeling like – “I can’t wait to be big – like my _____!”  

Please share with us your thoughts. 

What do you remember about being 5?

Was it a good time for you?

Next, we’ll look back at being 10-year-olds and find out if 10 was – the best time in our lives.


Till then –

Make the most of TODAY

 it’s all we have!