Winter but STILL blooming


Have you been out in your flower garden lately?

I hadn’t, and as you may have noticed, I haven’t posted a “garden walk” in a long while!  In fact, it was back in June of 2014 – GARDEN WALKS – that I posted one. Not sure why now that I think about it.  I do know; I was working on trying to write a screenplay.

It’s fun to see the changes, the various flowers in bloom, depending on the time of year.

Even though it’s winter, there’s plenty of reasons to take a garden stroll.  The azaleas, camellias, Mums and Roses are all still blooming.  I even found snapdragons – still in bloom

.IMG_5092There’s growth going on all over the place, although tiny, the blossoms, are there.

Now, I take a look out my window and think, “oh my babies are sleeping,” but after my walk today, it wasn’t accurate.  Yeah, they’re, hunkering down, but growing.  It’s as good a time as any, to add nutrients to the soil and it’s time I do that.


Bundle up and take your phone, there’s more to admire than you’d think

Five sites worth a Winter’s read: How to make your garden bloom

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Here’s another good read. Click here:  The 5 Fall Plants to Plant this Year for Fall and Winter Beauty

This article talks about Mums, Asters, Pansies, my old standbys – they keep the garden colorful and attractive all year.  During the Spring and Summer, I just cut them to the ground and let them come back in the Fall and Winter.


At this time of year, I try to use up any left-over fertilizers I have. It’s a lazy period for me, garden-wise.

Right before the rain – I admit it, I’m the “looney tune” out in my garden, often – still in my robe – scattering fertilizer.

Don’t tell anyone – haha!

But, if you’d rather continue being cozy on your couch, I get it.

Essential Tips for FallIMG_3908


Time for Mid-Season Fertilizing

These articles speak to broad range granular fertilizers.

I usually mix things up a little with Fish Emulsion and several other things.

These articles speak to broad range granular fertilizers.  I usually mix things up a little with Fish Emulsion and several other things.

It seems safe to say that our plants like variety, just like us.

I miss composting. But, being so close to the water,

we’ve discovered it attracts those pesky critters!



Oh, I almost forgot to mention –

Here’s one of my favorite floral photographers –

Paul Bate – Image Journal  Isn’t he amazing?